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As I add another stunning cookbook to my collection, five recommendations for titles that should fill your shelves too. Call me superficial, but the initial attraction of most of these books was their pretty covers! It just so happens that what’s inside is pretty good, too. If you are looking to buy and fancy helping me along the way to buying my next, just clicking the link beneath the short review will earn me a small commission when you shop through Amazon.

Thai Street Food by David Thompson

Thai Street Food by David Thompson
David Thompson is an authority on Thai food if ever there was one in the west; Nam, in London, was the UK’s first Michelin-starred Thai restaurant, and Thompson is now based between London and Bangkok. This bible of Thai street food classics certainly doesn’t make cooking them easy; far from it! On the contrary, it is all about using ingredients that are true to local cooks’ original recipes, meaning they can be difficult to get hold of in Europe (and there are millions of them!) But for authenticity as good as it comes, this is the business – and, if that weren’t enough, the photography is stunning. Buy it on Amazon…

The Songs of Sapa by Luke NguyenThe Songs of Sapa by Luke Nguyen

A wonderful collection of recipes for dishes from around Vietnam, again based on traditional recipes, all infused with a healthy dose of anecdotes about Vietnamese life. From north to south, from pho noodle soup to fish porridge, the photography again brings the food to life. Buy it on Amazon…



Bill's Everyday Asian by Bill Granger

Bill’s Everyday Asian by Bill Granger

The latest addition to my cookery book collection, a very welcome Christmas present, this work of art from Aussie chef of TV fame Bill Granger stretches its reach right around Asia and includes all manner of curries, noodle soups, salads and more. Written in a down-to-earth style, with adaptations to make it easier for the western cook to relate to (unlike, say, Thompson’s book) and a handy guide to the essentials of an Asian larder (if only to brag against when if, like me, yours contains this lot and more) – Everyday Asian is a killer of a title, and very pretty to boot. My only complaint? No recipes for the buffalo curries and papaya salads mentioned in the intro. Buy it on Amazon…

The Hummingbird Bakery: Cupcakes and Muffins

The Hummingbird Bakery: Cupcakes and Muffins
The prettiest, chicest cupcakes from perhaps London’s best-known bakery; and all so easy to make at home. With a fabulous array of ideas for different cupcakes, and a killer recipe for the most attractive, simple and tasty buttercream icing, this one takes the cake – literally. Buy it on Amazon…

World Kitchen France

World Kitchen France
This book was my trusty companion during my eight month séjour to Nantes last year, holding my hand as I recreated French classics with the help of unbeatably fresh ingredients from local markets. Some of my favourite dishes are ones first crafted from this book – think rabbit fricassé, sole meunière and veal blanquettes. Buy it on Amazon…

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