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Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel – a nourishing oasis in Siem Reap: Review

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia - photo by Chris Wotton

Our tuk tuk turns into a dry, narrow, dusty lane – dusty from the kind of thick red dirt that seems so uniquely Cambodian. Children squeal as they run between houses, dodging the ducklings and chickens that are also waddling … Continue reading

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5 cookbooks from my shelf

  As I add another stunning cookbook to my collection, five recommendations for titles that should fill your shelves too. Call me superficial, but the initial attraction of most of these books was their pretty covers! It just so happens … Continue reading

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Why Cambodia still leaves a bitter taste

    It is raining outside, heavily. Very heavily. We have done little really but travel for the last couple of days since leaving Bangkok, and now we are in Sihanoukville there is little to do because of the weather. … Continue reading


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