A week in Instagram shots

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  Happy Wednesday! Here are a few shots from the last week or so, straight from my ridiculously overly-food-obsessed Instagram feed (follow me @chriswotton)

Food Porn: Kanom Tuay

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These coconutty parcels of deliciousness are without a doubt my all-time favourite Thai dessert. With a layer of sweet coconut milk and another layer of thicker, chewier, coconut cream, they are often also made with pandan leaves for extra flavour and a tinge of green. Sugary and sweet, they hit the spot every time. I […]

Food Porn: Kung Che Nam Pla

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Simplicity at its best, kung che nam pla is one of my favourite Thai seafood dishes. Marinated raw prawns are served with plenty of garlic, chilli and fish sauce based dipping sauce – bliss. Make sure you use the extra green vegetables to soak up the burning heat of the chillies! I ate this delicious […]

Food Porn: Prik Gaeng Pla Meuk

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While the street food staple for many Thais is pad krapao, mine is pad prik gaeng – like them, it’s what I order when I don’t know what else I want. I normally take my prik gaeng with pork – it is stir fried with red curry paste, a few vegetables and some kaffir lime […]

Best of the Rest: Friday 11 January

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    Each week, words fly around the travel blogging community in their millions. Here is my wrap on some of the most inspiring, interesting or just plain beautiful stories and photos that have caught my attention of late. If you see something I should include next week, just tweet it with the hashtag #tuktuk. […]

My travel wish list

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    I frequently reel off many places as ‘number one’ in my travel desires, and ‘it’s on my list’ is perhaps one of my most used phrases – because, in truth, I have many, many places I still want to visit (if not everywhere). Here’s my current wish list: Italy Cuba New York Burma […]

Recent travels – part one: France

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    A long time since my last post so, in an effort to get up to date and make space for the many pieces I want to write now I am back in Asia, a selection of short photo collections for your delectation, from my recent travels around France, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany.  I […]

Thailand Highlights – Photo Essay

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    Extended highlights from another amazing trip to Thailand. I really struggled to choose between all my shots, so there are quite a few to share – including total overkill on Sangkhlaburi’s wooden bridge, for which I apologise in advance (but it’s an impressive, and totally, photogenic, sight to behold).

Photo Essay: Beautiful Nantes

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    It looks a lot less like this at the moment, what with a snowy grey sky (yet no snow) that, together with a truckload of fog a few mornings ago, didn’t look dissimilar to a post-nuclear scene. But I wanted to share a few pictures from the blue-skied sunniness of a few weekends […]