Review: Jika Jika Coffee House & Canteen, Bath


  Jika Jika looks small from the outside – step in and that illusion gets flipped on its head right away. The first prominent feature that you’d notice would be the lustrous finish on the floor, although one could easily surmise that the guys had used residential services for a place of business like that. […]

Scouring the seashore

England, Evergreen, Food, Foraging

There are not many stereotypical ‘childhood memories’ used by writers that I can relate to, which is quite natural – not everyone is going to have had the same experiences as a kid.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

England, Evergreen, Opinion

    ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ So I was reminded by a friend last night as we caught up on six and a half months of gossip, not having seen each other since June last year, over a couple of glasses of wine too many. Never has this saying meant more to me […]

The terrorists have won

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    Dear oh interested one, I write from the battlefield of several personal and professional crises. Hapless ex-employees, broken cash cards, impossible-to-access bank accounts; I have been afflicted by all of these and more over the past few weeks. But it isn’t these problems themselves which bother me – it’s the fact that, everywhere […]