Food Porn: Nasi Lemak

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This Malaysian breakfast staple is a favourite at traditional kopi tiam Chinese-style coffee shops – think rendang curry, coconut and pandan infused rice and plenty of crisp and crunchy accompaniments.

Ultimate relaxation: 3 of Malaysia’s finest spas

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    If all of the skyscraper city action that Malaysia’s sprawling metropolis cities have to offer gets just a little too much, and you need to soothe those aching bones, what better way to do so than with a trip to one of the country’s leading and trend setting spas? From massages to manicures, […]

Pulau Tioman – an island retreat

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    A world away from the bustle of the big city and yet just a few hours from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur lies Tioman Island, or Pulau Tioman in the Malay language. This small island makes the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday urban life. Stunning views are common currency […]

Discovering Malaysia’s best local markets

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    Like elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has more than its fair share of local markets – some low key, others less so. For lower prices, a great selection of goods and interaction with real locals in an authentic Malaysian atmosphere, this – rather than the admittedly impressive glossy skyscraper malls – is the […]

Malaysia: hunting out the best nasi lemak

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    Rendang may be popular internationally, but if there is one dish that defines Malaysia for those who have visited, it is nasi lemak. This incredible dish, somewhat of a ‘tasting platter’ and a mix of tastes and textures from soft, fluffy white rice, through to hard-boiled egg, meaty chicken and crunchy nuts, is […]

Discovering Kuching: Sawarak’s sleepy capital

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    Eastern Malaysia’s Kuching, capital of the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, is worth a visit if you’re in search of a slower pace of life than you find in the nation’s other sprawling metropolises like Kuala Lumpur. Lying alongside the Sarawak River, it was originally known as Sarawak before becoming […]

Penang: discovering Georgetown’s local markets

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    There is no better way to discover a destination than to rub shoulders with the locals and get some retail therapy under your belt in the same way that they do – at their local markets. Like many places in southeast Asia, Malaysia boasts markets aplenty, selling everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, meats […]

Escape to the country: Malaysian rural getaways

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    Malaysia isn’t just about city skyscrapers and glistening white beaches – though it doesn’t sound as though it would be so bad if that were all it had to offer. But the nation’s expanses of luscious green countryside also plays host to plenty of spots to get out and take in some fresh […]

Perhentian Islands: Resort Round-Up

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    If you have been reading my blogs for a long time then you know I love exploring and telling you all about the best places you can go to get your money worth its vacation. Recently I had been to Perhentian Islands so the following post is going to be all about it. […]

5 not-to-be-missed Malaysian festivals

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    Malaysia’s impressive multicultural society means the country is forever playing host to different cultural festivals and celebrations. With many faiths living alongside each other, at any one time there is usually something – or more than one thing – to celebrate, and up and down the country there are numerous chances to see […]

Drink chic: discovering the hottest hotel bars in Malaysia

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    In a country where the lights glimmer as brightly as those of Kuala Lumpur’s famed Petronas Towers, the only difficulty about finding somewhere to wine and dine is choosing from so many fabulous options. As a popular destination for both well heeled locals and foreign tourists, Malaysia caters well to those looking to […]

Penang: 5 must try dishes in Georgetown

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    The sheer clash, collision and blend of cultures on the island of Penang, near Malaysia’s northern border with Thailand, make the food in this part of the country simply phenomenal. Here Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Thai influences come together to create something really rather special, and with Penang being an island, seafood […]

24 hours in Ipoh

Evergreen, Malaysia

    Historically known for its valuable tin mining industry during the time of the British Empire, Ipoh is probably better known today for its Hainanese chicken rice dish. That said the tin connection remains to this day – the name of western peninsular Malaysia’s Perak state, of which Ipoh is the state capital, means […]

24 hours in Kuching: laksa and orangutans

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    Any popular destination in Malaysia offers more than enough to keep visitors entertained for days and make for an extended trip, and squeezing the best of a city into just 24 hours is no mean feat. Kuching is no exception, but if you have only a day to spare – and this in […]

Why Ramadan is the ultimate time to eat your way around Malaysia

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Malaysia’s street food is good at any time. A simple walk along any road can present you with the choice of an array of dishes that all represent a specific part of the country’s culinary heritage. What’s more the vendor you buy from is no doubt a culinary expert who has been making that single […]

Rafting on Malaysia’s Sungai Selangor

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    There is very little in the way of adventure activities anywhere to match up to the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of white water rafting. And while Malaysia might not be your obvious choice of destination for this often extreme water sport, for both novices and seasoned pros the Selangor river – crucially, in easy reach […]

5 cookbooks from my shelf

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  As I add another stunning cookbook to my collection, five recommendations for titles that should fill your shelves too. Call me superficial, but the initial attraction of most of these books was their pretty covers! It just so happens that what’s inside is pretty good, too. If you are looking to buy and fancy […]

Asia’s calling (again)

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    I write this post from around about 40,000 feet up in the sky. The last time I looked out of the window it was broad daylight – half an hour of My Family and an hour of Hustle later and it’s pitch black; a bit of a surprise, but then it is now […]