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Welcome to The World & His Tuk Tuk.

These are the tales collected from my six-plus year relationship with Southeast Asia, since I first landed in Bangkok in April 2008 for what was meant to be a brief travel flirt during a pre-university gap year.

Songthaew in Singburi

For four years I travelled here on countess occasions, spending a good part of each year across the region. Since July 2012 I have lived in Thailand, now as a freelance writer with a focus on slow travel and sinking yourself into a place from every angle.

My travels are injected with a healthy dose of obsession for good food – in fact, whether a destination boasts heats worth hunting out inevitably plays a part in my decision on whether to travel there, and researching what to chow down where represents a considerable chunk of my planning. Aside from filling a hole, true local cooking can bring immense pleasure, reveal heaps about an area’s culture and help cultivate an exchange through the common love of eating.

Ibrahim restaurant

In my writing I aim to showcase lesser-known sights, including low-key and down-to-earth food vendors run by hard-working families and individuals who don’t have the marketing budget of more touristed places – and yet invariably serve up far superior quality dishes. My writing also strives to be as accessible as possible, so that you can follow in my footsteps and recreate trips whether you are a tourist, traveller, medium-term expat or bona fide local. Most people travelling short-term don’t have access to their own transport, and yet mainstream travel writing often forgets that – it’s easier for the researcher to give the driving directions they used.

Equally, other outlets will tell you no more than to take a taxi because it’s the ‘easiest’ way. That may be true, but travelling isn’t always about ease – sometimes you have to make a little effort and put up with a bit of inconvenience to afford the impromptu chat you’ll get on a local songthaew truck but probably won’t get in the back of a cab. That’s why I include local transport options wherever possible. Whether by train, bus, tuk-tuk, boat, ferry, motorbike, minivan, share taxi, whatever, getting to that floating market the local way – just as you would if you went there twice a week for your groceries – is just as important a part of the experience as the destination itself (excuse the cliché, this time it’s true).

A taxi boat waiting off the Perhentian islands. Photo by Mike Villiger

My work extends beyond Thailand and across Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Vietnam and more – with new trips always on the horizon – along with snippets from shorter journeys through my native United Kingdom, mainland Europe and elsewhere. Catch my latest travels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and join my newsletter for a regular helping of my latest finds.

Be it from the comfort of an armchair or on your phone while en route to somewhere I’ve covered, I hope this site can help infect you with the same love of food and travel that I’ve caught and have no desire to cure.

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