Recent travels – part one: France

France, Photo Essays / Thursday, July 21st, 2011



A long time since my last post so, in an effort to get up to date and make space for the many pieces I want to write now I am back in Asia, a selection of short photo collections for your delectation, from my recent travels around France, Croatia, Switzerland and Germany.  I will likely have further posts on these trips at some later stage, but for now some photos to tickle your tastebuds.

First up, some shots from the end of my time in France, where I finished at the start of June…these are from the coastal town of La Rochelle.

PS: It occurred to me a few days ago that, by the time this year is out, I will have travelled to eight countries in the space of these twelve short months, nine if I manage to get to Marrakesh in November as planned. Pretty impressive.

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