Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu: serious prawn tom yum, pla kung and more in old-town Bangkok

Tom yum kung pla meum hot and sour soup with prawns and squid at Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand - photo by Chris Wotton

An unassuming street stall in Bangkok’s old-town of Banglamphu, two streets away from Khaosan Road, serves some of the city’s best tom yum kung soup. Continue reading

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Amazing seafood at Krua Lung Meuk Pa Lord in Prachuap Kiri Khan

Lung Meuk Pa Lord seafood, Prachuap Kiri Khan

Why go to the beach if not for the seafood? And if you’re going to Prachuap Kiri Khan, there’s nowhere better to start your pilgrimage than at Uncle Squid’s and Aunty Straw’s. Continue reading

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10 things not to miss in Prachuap Kiri Khan

Khao Chong Krachok, Prachuap Kiri Khan

Skip Hua Hin and head straight for Prachuap Kiri Khan, a laid-back beauty of a town that hugs the golden gulf coast heading towards Thailand’s south. Continue reading


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Prachuap Kiri Khan – beyond words

Prachuap Khiri Khan city, at once laid back and buzzing, hugs the coast of the Gulf of Thailand

Prachuap Kiri Khan town, an hour south of Hua Hin, is often considered as one of Thailand’s ‘next big things’ – and it’s easy to see why. Continue reading


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