The best of UK train ticket web sites

Wherever you

Not all UK train ticket booking sites are created equal – find out how to pick the best one to suit your needs. Continue reading

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World wide wonders

    A bit of a techie post from me for a change. You see, I’ve got a bit of a split personality. I am not only a person with a love of travel but also a languages student back … Continue reading


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Bangkok’s troubles and an overreaction from the Foreign Office

    I’m glad I’m not the only one criticising the UK Foreign Office’s current travel advice for Thailand. This short and sweet blog post from Adrian Michaels at the Telegraph pretty much sums up what I’ve been saying for … Continue reading

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On Sangkhlaburi

Wooden Bridge at Sunset, Sangkhlaburi

    Over the past four days in Sangkhlaburi, I have thought time and again about how I would start this piece – where usually I might be stuck for a catchy, witty or insightful introduction, here they are aplenty, … Continue reading


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Sangkhlaburi: Photo Essay


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How cameras have changed travel

    As I walked home on Friday evening, a strange thing happened. I stopped, as I often do, to take a photo or two as I walked down the steep hill from the University’s campus – struck by an … Continue reading


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When a city sucks you in

Berlin inthe Snow

    So, I’ve done it. I’ve made my first capital city stop in Berlin and, in the process, fallen utterly in love with the place. Berlin is a strange one, to be honest. It’s by no means a pretty … Continue reading

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